Dining Halls

The planning of kitchen and cafeteria in institutions where mass feeding is carried out is of great importance in ensuring the efficient and cost-effective production and service of meals with minimal time and effort. The kitchen and service areas, where every stage from the purchase to the serving of a meal takes place, are crucial in ensuring the safe delivery of food to consumers.

Kitchen and Food Service Area Planning

The fundamental goal of kitchen and food service area planning is to establish a hygienic and efficient food service premises for providing food and beverage services.

There are several factors to consider when planning kitchens and cafeterias in institutions.

Planning Factors

  • Type of institution
  • Consumer characteristics
  • Service method
  • Number of meal and individuals served
  • Type of menu implemented
  • Food supply and storage methods
  • Number and capacities of utensils/equipment
  • Number of staff members, etc.

First and foremost, the location of the kitchen should be determined. While establishing a separate building near the institution for the kitchen provides advantages in terms of ventilation, lighting, waste removal, facilities, and ease of procurement, it may pose some challenges in terms of meal transportation and distribution.

Minimum standards necessary for efficient workflow, reliable and hygienic working environment in kitchens have been established by the Turkish Standards Institution.

Meal Menus

Breakfast menus are planned as a buffet according to the Regulation on Boarding, Scholarships, Social Welfare, and School Dormitories in Official Schools Affiliated with the Ministry of National Education.

When making choices from the buffet, it is recommended to follow the suggestions of the Turkish Dietary Guidelines and Healthy Eating Plate, selecting at least one type from each food group, totaling 8 choices.

For meal menu samples, please refer to the National Menu Planning and Implementation Guide for Mass Catering Systems (Mass Feeding Places) by the Ministry of Health.